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Everything About Coronavirus and Contact Center

Coronavirus and Contact Center

From the advent of Coronavirus, lives have turned upside down with social distancing and implementation of quarantines pitched everywhere. The chaos has slowed lives and businesses across the globe. Where many industries have shut down, there are customer services businesses that are expected to create exceptional customer experience without compromising the safety of agents. Amidst this challenging and confusing situation, NovelVox is here to resolve queries of contact center businesses related to work from home solutions and more.

Which call center script can help during COVID-19?

It is unsaid truth that callers are likely to be in a state of anxiety because of the lockdown and widespread coronavirus. A fixed script should be avoided. It does not make a business appear empathetic and can frustrate the caller anytime. As quick assistance –

Agents can have a customizable form with pre-filled/mentioned fields to address the customer’s query basis vertical. Share symptoms, or precautionary guidelines related to COVID-19, whenever possible to help the government or public. Update the knowledge base and agent call script according to the scenario.

How to handle a sudden blast of high call volume?

Most healthcare and government contact centers are witnessing a high call volume during the pandemic. Understanding the criticalities of time, it is not possible neither advised to operate from office but opt for work from home option. Many businesses are already facing a challenge in selecting the best possible solution to support agents and supervisors. And many call centers report that people have already left jobs. In such a situation, it is to handle call volume outsourcing is the best solution.

NovelVox Finesse Mobile Agent app empowers agents to receive a call from any geo-location and at any time of day, depending on the shift. The app does not require any VPN access and can be accessed over a smartphone, tablet or PC with a simple Internet connection. In the case of outsourcing, you do not need to worry about data security. Everything is on the NovelVox server that comes with permission for access. It can be implemented in 24hours.

Will my business get hit by operational costs?

No, at least not with NovelVox work from home solutions. Businesses can save on maintaining a brick-and-mortar center. There is a huge investment made on employees operating from the office that’s added to the final ROI calculation. So, in case of work from home, you are likely to have on costings and experience and increased productivity. There won’t be any commuting, lesser distractions, schedule that is preferred by agents and more to make agents feel comfortable and perform better. And, with agent phonebook, agent chat, and other video conferencing tools, no individual can every feel away from the office.

What more is there in the at-home model by NovelVox?

NovelVox has been serving the contact center industry for the past 11 years to take agent and customer experience to the next level. In this hard time, the company is offering work from home solutions for agents to work from home seamlessly with features of on-premise solutions. In addition to the app, the at-home model includes

  • Cisco Finesse Unified Agent Desktop – Empower agents to do more than just answering calls. NovelVox Cisco Finesse Agent Desktop offers seamless integration with CRM, ticketing, and other 3rd party applications for improved customer experience even from home.

  • Supervisor Desktop – Monitor and manage all agents’ performance working from home either on the mobile app or agent desktop. With real-time performance tracking, agents receive proper guidance and score high on call resolution.

What about devices, network, support and more when working from home?

High-speed Internet connection at an agent’s location is the primary requirement for the operation of any contact center software. VPN is not a preferred choice for a remote call center. When there is an increase in the number of agents working from home then the speed of deployment, capacity, voice quality, and reliability, everything is deteriorated.

For higher productivity, try to opt for software that can be accessed on smartphones, tablet or PC. Other hardware requirements include a headset for a good quality voice call.

Since agents are operating from home and lack instant IT support, it is necessary to keep them away from complex functionalities that can create an error. Login without links or extension number is one such solution. It saves agents from remembering passwords.

How to check on agent’s efficiency and modesty?

It is another serious issue raised by businesses often that how they can stay assured if an agent is following company procedure and working in the required shift time. In addition to real-time monitoring by a supervisor, there are many other things where HR can help.

HR personals need to ensure the agent’s details and double-check if they are working with the help of work/time trackers. Further, HR should take initiatives for internal communication via daily emails, workplace activities, awards, and recognitions made online and more.

What tips you have for agents doing work from home for the first time?

  • Communicate regularly about having a dedicated workspace in the home to have optimum output.
  • Maintain a time table or work hours according to the team and supervisor’s availability to be in sync. This improves the coordination and performance of every individual
  • Learn to prioritize the task and contact senior as and when required
  • Make sure you have lunch and breaks on time but avoid munching junk all the time.
  • Don’t ignore physical activities and communication

I hope these questions will resolve your queries. Keep sending us more queries that will help your contact center work efficiently during the lockdown.

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