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Ensure Businesses Continuity with NovelVox Work From Home Contact Center Solutions

Work From Home Contact Center Solutions

The widespread impact of Coronavirus has presented a situation most businesses probably didn’t anticipate. WHO has already declared COVID-19 outbreak as a pandemic which itself points to the severity of the current situation. In this time of national health emergency, it’s important to keep your employees safe to ensure business continuity. That’s why most of the companies, including Contact Centers, are asking employees to go for Work from Home, as a precautionary measure against the coronavirus.

The major challenge in moving the Contact Center Agents home is the inflexibility of resources and technologies that need to be shifted to agents’ home office. It is not easy to meet the needs of your agents while offering exceptional service to your customers. The current global situation has forced businesses to gear up for a Business Continuity Plan which mainly underscores the best ways to provide Work from Home to employees without losing the business.

NovelVox’s Work from Home Solutions for Contact Centers

NovelVox customers have long taken advantage of our mobile agent application tailored to provide all facilities of an agent desktop to agents out in the field. Looking at the severity of the current situation, we have decided to extend the capabilities of our mobile agent solution for agents and supervisors. Our goal is to help contact centers run in this global epidemic situation with a seamless, secure, and fast Work from Home solution which comprises of the following:

  1. NovelVox Mobile Active App: Let your agents take calls through a simple mobile application that requires low-implementation cost, less time to install and least dependencies on external resources. With NovelVox Mobile Active App, your agents can seamlessly work on the NovelVox Agent Desktop, iVision Plus Wallboards, Ticketing, and Knowledgebase gadgets and make the efficient use of work from home. The best part about the application is that you can get it up and running in just 48 Hours.

  2. Agent Desktop: The major challenge in moving the agents home is the inability of Agent Desktops to restrict information basis the user roles. Well, with NovelVox Agent Desktops this can be achieved too. NovelVox Agent Desktops enable you to configure the access to information based on user roles, which means your agents would be able to view only limited information in their home office. No one will get complete access to the CRM or any other 3rd party integration, hence keeping the critical information safe and secure.

  3. Supervisor Desktop: Give your supervisors the ability to monitor agents even when working from home. They can easily track agents’ performance operating via the Active App or Agent Desktop. Super loaded supervisor console allows supervisors to barge-in, reskill agents, chat with agents, or broadcast messages for the entire team. The best part of Supervisor Desktop is that it enables the supervisor to view agents’ real-time performance which further assists the supervisor in taking real-time actions.

Why NovelVox for Work For Home Contact Center Solution

  • Seamless – From on-premises to agent’s/supervisors’ home office, we ensure a seamless transition of all functionalities and capabilities involved.

  • Secure – Since the data is exposed only to the NovelVox server, you get the flexibility to permit data access according to user roles. This way, your agents would only have access to the information that they require.

  • Quick – Get everything up and running in 48 Hours. This is the maximum time we would require to set up NovelVox Work from Home solution for your agents and supervisors.

To know more about how NovelVox can help your business succeed in this global pandemic, contact us. We would love to introduce the extended capabilities of our solutions.

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