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Enhance Remote Agent Connectivity & Customer Experience with NovelVox Cisco Finesse Mobile Agent App

Cisco Finesse Mobile Agent App

Contact center operations today are not just providing services from a dedicated contact center using chat, calls, emails, etc., but also extending all the core contact center capabilities to a remote user. A lot of the contact center professionals spend time on the field at remote locations or traveling due to their professional commitments. This makes it tough for them to stay constantly connected with their contact centers. This is where NovelVox Cisco Finesse Unified Mobile Agent App gives you the ability and allows you to stay connected with the contact center and the customers while on the go.

Contact center agents/professionals will now be able to address customer queries/concerns using their mobile devices. NovelVox Cisco Finesse Mobile Agent app offers compatibility with Cisco PCCE, UCCE, and UCCX. It works as an extension to the contact centers and empowers remote agents by providing them with all the capability and flexibility that they need on the mobile/tablet without compromising on the quality or efficiency. It offers all the functions, security, caller information, and other features similar to what you get on a contact center floor. NovelVox Cisco Finesse Mobile Agent App is fast gaining popularity among contact centers. It offers much-needed convenience and competency to the field agents and helps them stay connected to the contact center.

Some of the features and functionality that makes NovelVox Mobile App special, includes:

Work Flexibility

Contact center agents who work from their regular offices and get displaced due to unforeseen circumstances such as family, health concerns, natural events, or even bad traffic can now stay connected and handle calls from wherever they are located—without worry. NovelVox Cisco Finesse Mobile Agent enables agents to work from geographically dispersed locations with the necessary mobile access and capabilities so that the daily contact center operations are not affected. Agents can now offer quality customer experience while working from home or on the move with NovelVox Mobile Agent App.

Easy Integrations

NovelVox Mobile Agent App can be seamlessly integrated with various industry core applications. The field agent will be able to access all the customer information on his/her mobile devices with ease. This information is pulled from various back-end channels. Cisco Mobile Agent integrates with any 3rd party application, CRM, ticketing system, middleware, WFM, ERP, databases, legacy system or homegrown applications using technologies such as Java, SOAP/XML, REST, SQL, JavaScript, .Net or any open API framework. Agents get a single-screen view of the complete customer journey. This ensures that the agent is successful in delivering an interactive and engaging customer experience from anywhere.

For example, a financial institute’s document collection agent can receive customer calls along with all relevant information right on the NovelVox Mobile Agent App, pulled from FIS, Jack Henry Associates, FISERV, etc. It is compatible with Cisco UCCX, UCCE, and PCCE (both bridged and nailed connection) mobile agents.

Optimized Mobile Agent

The NovelVox mobile app interface can be optimized as per the particular business requirements of the Cisco contact center. You can easily modify the mobile agent app with NovelVox drag and drop tool—this will enable agents to customize all the gadgets and customer information as best suited for operational needs. It provides agents with much-needed flexibility and convenience. The NovelVox Mobile Agent app can be connected via internet or VPN and comes with dynamic features such as call control gadget, agent statistics, call statistics, alerts/notifications, call wrap and tagging, call follow-up, reports, and many more. With all the optimization and available features, the mobile agent app has the same capabilities and functionalities as that of a local contact center.


Considering the features and functionalities that NovelVox Mobile Agent App has to offer, it comes at a very decent price structure, feasible to organizations of all types and sizes. It has the most competitive model with low-cost implementation across all Cisco contact centers. It will help you cut down on your contact center infrastructure costs by providing access to experts from remote locations to provide a seamless customer experience. During seasonal highs, contact centers will be able to add more mobile agents to cater to the sudden demand surges and continue to offer their best customer services without incurring additional infrastructure costs.

Empower your agents wherever they are by equipping them with NovelVox Cisco Finesse Mobile Agent App on their mobiles—it supports both iOS and Android. Give your field agents all the functionalities and information that they get on the contact center floor to enhance their user experience and help them in delivering exceptional, uninterrupted customer service in the best possible way.

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