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NovelVox iVision Contact Center Wallboards with Seat Plans, Gamification and Digital Signage Demo

NovelVox iVision Wallboards is designed to display important contact center information to all your agents and supervisors. Our Wallboards are completely customizable to match your needs and only requires a web browser to work. With iVision Wallboards Widgets like Seat Plans, Digital Signage and Gamification, our Wallboards can display a multitude of information in a variety of formats to suit your organization. iVision Wallboards is compatible with Cisco, Genesys and Avaya Contact Center platforms.

  • Seat Plans to identify black spots across all your contact center sites
  • Gamification and how this can affect agent performance
  • Unification of Data from different sources onto one iVision Wallboard
  • Extend the iVision Wallboard into Digital Signage

iVision Contact Center Wallboards