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The easy to use development tool included in all NovelVox Agent Desktops

Customize desktop

Change the layout and behavior as your business evolves

Add new Gadgets

Add new gadgets to your desktop when you need them

Integrate new apps

Integrate new business apps when your business demands

All our Finesse agent desktops are upgradable without involving NovelVox. Finesse Gadget Designer is a simple to use drag and drop studio environment to extend the agent desktop when your needs change, as well as our ever expanding list of Cisco Finesse Gadgets at your disposal.

Finesse Gadget Designer
Finesse Gadget Designer

Drag and Drop Finesse Gadget Designer to build Agent Desktops in days, not months

Watch our 2 minute real-time video

Turbo charge Cisco Finesse with Finesse Gadget Designer

The NovelVox agent desktop adds powerful functionality that does not currently exist in Cisco Finesse. We achieve this through the NovelVox Application Server.

Benefits of the NovelVox Application Server include:

  • Add keyboard shortucuts for common agent actions
  • Agent to Agent and Supervisor chat
  • Focus Agent Finesse Page automatically on call arrival
  • Support for Right to Left Languages
  • Dynamic screen switching based on call variables
  • Dynamic screen switching based on user roles
  • Remove Finesse Container to increase screen ‘real estate’
  • Compact CTI functionality
novelvox innovation finese gadget designer

The Situational CTI BAR

With built in Wrap-up, Customer History and Information

Traditional CTI bar

Traditional CTI bar

The NovelVox CTI bar

The NovelVox CTI Bar

Add up to 50% more screen ‘real-estate’ with the
NovelVox Situational CTI Bar – positioned vertically for widescreen monitors

Over the years, NovelVox understands the importance of screen ‘real-estate’. More space means more data on screen and less time finding it. Our Situational CTI Bar only shows relevant CTI actions, hiding buttons which cannot be used to save space. This has allowed us to incorporate Customer Information and History data within the CTI bar.

This all adds to faster call times, a better customer expereince and a more efficient contact center operation.

novelvox innovation finese gadget designer

The NovelVox Productivity Toolset

Great productivity ideas from years of contact center agent desktop experience

Single page application

Agent desktops are created as a single page application meaning no page loads during navigation leading to a better customer experience.

Multiple Situational Desktops

Create multiple desktops to automatically react to any input to reduce agent time finding relevant customer information.

Extend the functionality of Cisco Finesse

The NovelVox application server alongside Cisco Finesse extends the standard feature set to give you more power and flexibility.

Intelligent event driven actions and active ‘listeners’

Assign mulitple actions for events and use ‘listeners’ to execute actions automatically based on customer actions.

Version control for multi-user development teams

Use many designers to increase productivity when creating or modifying the agent desktop. Version control is built in.

Keyboard shortcuts

Improve average handling time by assigning keyboard shortcuts to common agent actions.

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