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Future-proof the agent desktop
add extra functionality at any time

We provide suite of most commonly used pre-built gadgets that you can use anytime. These gadgets are developed from feedback collected at production sites. These  gadgets will cut short your time to go live.


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Just some of our suite of Pre-Built Gadgets

cisco finesse gadget

Agent Statistics Gadget

With the help of NovelVox agent statistics gadget for Cisco finesse gadgets, you can view real-time Agent statistics such as number of calls, call length and waiting time. This gadget shows the performance of your contact centre agents.

Cisco Finesse Agent Chat Gadget

Agent Chat Gadget

NovelVox Cisco based UCCX finesse gadgets provide for an inter-agent chat to allow transfer of information quickly and efficiently. Groups can be created for quick messaging.

Cisco Finesse Agent Chat Gadget

Supervisor Gadget

Supervisors can view the whole operation of the contact centre. They can take over an existing call if required and can re-skill agents if required.

Agent Scripting Finesse Gadgets

Agent Scripting Gadget

Agent Scripting helps customers create guided, dynamic and intelligent scripts. Contact center agents can execute these scripts with high degree of personalization and provide consistent experience to customers with NovelVox Cisco finesse gadget development module that makes for an enhanced customer engagement.

screenshot coming soon

Last X calls

NovelVox Last X Calls Gadget provides a comprehensive view of the previous interactions that the customer has had with the contact center. This gadget provides a consolidated view of both the voice and social media interactions.

screenshot coming soon

Call Tagging Gadget

The agents choose call tagging codes or write comments at the end of the call to summarize the call, so that it can be used for reporting in the Last X calls gadget.

screenshot coming soon

Call Follow up Gadget

A Call Follow-Up Gadget for agents where the agent can mark an ongoing call to be followed up at a future date and time. NovelVox provides a custom schema to store the call follow up related information.

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